No one gives a Shit... as long as you Smile

with this knife i'll cut out the part of me, the part that cares for you.

just another nowhere kid
4 November
Basics: female, kentucky, student at Dupont Manual highschool

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Everything i need to know I heard it on the radio


I'm not crazy i'm just a little unwell.. I know right now you can't tell.. but stay a while and maybe then you'll see a different side of me

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~*I am*~

A bytch, sweet, difficult, laid back, dramatic, stubborn, loving, friendly, mean, evil, openminded,A Scorpio, selfish, giving, confused, confusing,talkative, compassionate, Obnoxious, forward, hypocritcal( aren't we all), a good listener, Well behaved, a badazz,Kurvy, perverted, A liar, honest, a fighter,Ruthless (at times) Etc... Yeah I don't get it either
This is who i am... either you like it or you can Kiss my a*s!!

~*MUSIC I'm into*~

Led Zepplin, Queen, bone thugs and harmony, The doors, David Bowie,Ben Folds, 50 cent, The Anniversary, Alkaline trio, Dog House records ( yes the whole label), Dr. Dre, Eminem, Eve, Rehab, Reggie and the full effect, ICP, The starting Line, Kc & JOJO, Jarule,Al green, tai Mai Shu, stylez, jada, AZN, pearl Jam, Boys 2 men, Brandnew, mystical, the ataris, Tool, Sublime, GC, BLINK 182, Nirvana, Riddlin kidz,snoopdogg, MEST, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, The yeah yeah yeahs, cristina Aguilera, smilez and southstar Okay GO, Geto Boyz, Aerosmith, minor threat,Tech N9ne,Outkast, Sneaker pimps, gin blossoms, Johnny Lang, Billy Holiday, Smile Empty soul, Fallout Boy, Relient K, 2pac,.... and much much more just gettin tired of this basically i like all music besides country

~*Music I don't like*~

the donnas, country(few songs excluded)

~*MOVIES I'm infatuated with*~

The sound of music, Mallrats, The sandlot, footloose, Office Space, Dirty work, Annie, Grease,Jay and Silent Bob strike bab, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Oceans eleven, buffy musical, THe pest, 8mile, Stepmom, Pulp Fiction, Dirty Dancing, The italian Job,For keeps, Pretty in pink, Stepmom, Superstar, The sweetest thing, The sandlot Love, Donnie Darco Song, 2gether,Deuce Bigalo male gigalo, Amelie, real women have curves, They're all my favorite Soooo many more


Man pleasing whores, stupid highschool drama queens ( okay i can fit this catergory sum times), people who steropype, Racism, Or ne type of predjudice, people who correct you when u say me instead of I, Labels, Homophobes, mexican bashing, liars, people who think they know everything, Cocky bitches, when people sing tha wrong words to songs, unibrows, Fake people, MAle Chauvnist pigs,wealth without work,Backstabbers,Perfectionist,girls who cant keep their legs closed for anything in the world, the sports teams hats/shirts/jerseys in color other than team colors etc... trust me you don't want me to finish this list... you wouldn't have time to read 5 pages worth of this stuff ne way i'm sure


Partyin, clubbin, playing clarinet, piano and the saxophone Golf , tennis swimming, football, and basketball, acting, dancing, giving and recieving hugs, writing,bowling, skating, reading, Poetry, photography, being a bitch, shopping, going to Y-conferences, pyschology, laughing,and hanging with all my people, Cars, Lazer Tag, go carts, paintball

~*My Shows*~

The Osbournes,SPONGEBOB, Xmen, Batman, the Dave Chappelle Show The real world, Golden Girls, The Nanny, Cybill, The man show, Saturday Night Live, Will and Grace, Just Shoot me, One on One,Basketball and football, The Hugley's, grounded for life, reba, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Off center, A Diiferent World, Half and Half, thats So raven, lizzie mcguire, Seinfield, WHo's got game,

~*Things I'm not interested in*~

Love,Spainish, science, marriage, math, Kids,

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I'm Kip Bloder!

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This is sooo ME and HALEY

50 cent, 80's music, a different world, aerosmith, air hockey, al green, alicia keys, alkaline trio, ally mcbeal, annie, art, band, basketball, ben folds, blink 182, bmx, bowling for soup, boys, boyz 2 men, brandnew, broadway productions, bubbles, cam'ron, chris rock, christina aquilera, clarinet, comic view, custom, dancers, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave chapelle, david bowie, degrassi: the next generation, destiny's child, dirty dancing, dmx, donnie darco, drama, eminem, emo, eve, everclear, fallout boy, family guy, finch, football, for keeps, freddie mercury, fuel, further seems forever, glassjaw, golden girls, golf, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, grease, hot action cop, hugs, ja rule, jamaica, janet jackson, jay and silent bob, jim carey, john lennon, john mayer, juila roberts, justin timberlake, kids with sticks, laughing, led zepplin, less than jake, linkin park, lizzie mcguire, love song, mallrats, mariah carey, matchbox 20, mest, minor threat, missy elliot, monk, moutain dew, movies, music, nas, nfg, nirvana, okay go, our lady peace, partying, paul walker, pearl jam, philosphy, piercings, pina colada's, ping pong, poetry, powerpuff girls, pretty in pink, psychology, pulp fiction, punk, punk'd, puppies, queen, rap, rehab, riddlin kids, rise against, saliva, saved by the bell, saxophone, seether, seinfeld, shopping, smile empty soul, snl, spongebob, steak and shake, stepmom, sublime, sugarcult, sum 41, superstar, swimming, tai mai shu, taking back sunday, tenacious d, tennis, that's so raven, the all american rejects, the anniversary, the ataris, the beatles, the real world, the sandlot, the sound of music, the starting line, the used, theatre, thursday, trapt, tupac, usher, whitney houston, will and grace, writing, y-club, yeah yeah yeahs